Tuesday, September 2, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Terminal Beach “New Horizons” (Berenice Recordings)

            Somehow, this cassette opens with an audio clip about how Santa Claus is a white man who enters your house during the night through your chimney and, yeah, it is kind of weird when you think about everything associated with Santa so I’ll just listen to this and agree because he’s always been one of those fictitious characters that seemed even too fake to be fake.

            Synth beats take us into a synth type of guitar drive and it just has this overall hard feel to it where it just wants to explode into hardcore but doesn’t quite.   It’s got these claps, but then the synth turns more uplifting and less angry as the end of Side A comes with the return of the audio clip (But nothing more about Santa) and an electro feel that reminds me of Ghostbusters on the whole.

            Side B tells us two different stories before it ends and they’re laid out pretty easily.  At first, there are these synth skip loops that have beats accompanying them and the sound turns quickly into Phil Collins.   As much as it is a throwback to Mr. Collins, the music also exhibits a more modern feel as well, such as an instrumental version of Owl City, and the two when combined are apparently quite pleasant on the ears.   Then we enter an audio clip about flying saucers, which is interesting to say the least, and the whole sound just goes there right with it.

            Only fittingly, this cassette ends with the sounds of seagulls and then waves crashing into the beach.   I’m not quite certain how it is all connected exactly or if it even is, but it is quite a fun ride to take.  

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