Tuesday, September 2, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Orlando Furious “Popular” (Cinnamon Records)

            This particular Orlando Furious cassette has two songs on the first side and three on the second.  He is what most writers would refer to as “eclectic” if only because they lack a better word to describe this sound.  I don’t have a better word myself, but I just like to think of this as being diverse yet contained.

            Right away, I can hear something like Cake come through.  As it grows, the funk comes out as do the organs.  It becomes poetic on many levels.  It resembles Beck.   It has beats and it has audio samples at the end of Side A.  

            On Side B there is an acoustic song called “Children” which has an EFS feel to it.  There are also some loops going down.  It’s not really something you can pin down because it seemingly changes from song to song if not even more so than that. 

            I remember the day I first heard Beck very clearly.  The “Loser” song came on the radio and I eventually bought his CD.   I then listened to a bunch of different songs that you could tell were by the same guy but weren’t in the same genre on the whole.   This is how I feel about Orlando Furious after hearing “Popular” and I wish more artists made me feel this way. 

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