Tuesday, September 2, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Slow Jerks “Slow Jerks” (Friends Records)

            If bands like Slow Jerks still exist, I don’t hear them nearly enough.   When I was in high school, CDs had already reared their ugly heads and I was buying most of these Punk-O-Rama compilations and the entire Nitro Records catalog as such.   Boy do I wish I had the option of listening to Guttermouth on cassette back then, heck even the Vandals. 

            On the whole, the sound of Slow Jerks resembles that of Bouncing Souls.  There are hints of H2O, Pennywise and even New Bomb Turks, but mostly, yes, Bouncing Souls.  It’s that hardcore punk mixed with the blue collar ethic and a slight hint of humor. 

            To be able to go back in time and get all of those punk albums on cassette would be grand.  Is anyone releasing punk rock on cassette these days anyway?  The idea of Epitaph’s back releases being re-released on cassette might actually get me interested in Epitaph again.  (Same with Nitro)

            Bands simply do not sound this way anymore.   There was a period of time when bands would come out like this by the dozens, but lately not so much.   Even if they are trying to be this blend of hardcore and punk these days, they aren’t even close to doing it as well as Slow Jerks.

            There is this one line (which is the title of the song) that says “ice cold bong rip” and I’m not sure why but I always hear it as saying “let’s go bowling”, which just takes me back in time again and I’m left wondering why this style of music ever seemed to fade.  

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