Tuesday, September 2, 2014


            When I think of pyramids, I always think of a group of people in a line, placing brick on top of brick while their leader sits around with a whip and watches them build the triangular shaped monument.   Some say they were built by aliens and some even say they were built upside down.

            The idea of a DIY pyramid makes me imagine a single person building it one brick at a time.   While that might seem like quite an endeavor, sometimes the hard work pays off and can be worth it in the end. 

            The instrumental electronic music on this cassette is layered a plenty, and when you listen to it you have to imagine each note being placed on top of the other, much like the bricks of a pyramid, until they all come together to form a solid object.

            Artist names don’t often reflect their music.   People use their real names or even first and last names that aren’t real.   And then you get names like Hoobstank—whatever that is.   But for DIY▲PYЯΛMID this artist name seems only fitting as the person behind the music is doing the works of a million pharaohs.  

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