Tuesday, September 2, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Aaron Ellis “The Spooky Boys Tape” (Joe Lo Truglio Records)

            I’ve reviewed both Aaron Martin and Robert Ellis, so while his name sounds familiar to me I actually have never heard Aaron Ellis before.   This is at the heart of it a cassingle, as it is one song per side, and I’m not sure why there is just the cassette and case with writing in Sharpie as opposed to artwork or even just a single piece of paper being thrown in with some info on it, but it does manage to stand out from everyone else in that aspect.

            The song on Side A has these static skips in a dark and industrial way that you might hear from “Wish” era Nine Inch Nails.  The vocals are screwed and just repeat “The Spooky Boys” over and over.  It makes me feel as if the artist name here should be The Spooky Boys and this should be their theme song on some level.  

            The way it comes out though is as this sort of dark hip hop and I question whether or not there is such a subgenre of hip hop as goth or scary hip hop.  Granted, Insane Clown Posse does have that horror hip hop thing going on, but this isn’t really quite the same as all that so I’m not sure where to put it.

            On the flip side, the song we hear is chopped up with high pitched screamy bits and it is seemingly on a loop.   There are beats and woodwinds.    It is quite different from the first song, but not really what you would consider to be a true “B-Side” as it could just as easily serve as the “single”.

            Ultimately, these are two songs that combine various elements of other music I enjoy and thus just leave me fascinated at their creation.   Sometimes it’s not about what you have but rather how you use it.  

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