Thursday, September 25, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: nightsmoke “LOST + FOUND” (narcorpses)

            While it might seem easiest to describe nightsmoke as hip hop, there are underlying qualities to this music that might make you think otherwise.   Sure, the beats are rocking and steady, but typically when you hear such beats as these you think of some form of machine making them and for the most part this sounds as if it is being created with an actual drum kit.

            Through audio clips we get a sample of an acoustic song as well as another little number I like to call “I Hate All of You”.    There are also some tones that join the beats and just produce a vibe unlike any other I have felt when listening to what is hip hop in nature.

            There is a line repeated on this cassette that says “The flesh knows that it suffers even when the mind does not”.   It so perfectly sums up this entire cassette that I can’t believe it is so blatantly staring at me.   The idea of it is that you can hear this as hip hop, and as any number of other artists putting out such excellent beats, yet it does not sound exactly like any of them specifically. 

            So you should be able to recognize this as hip hop, the way you would recognize a foreign car as an automobile, but it does not have a source to trace it back to such as you would say, “I know that’s a car, but I’m not sure the make or model”.    The mystery in that sense just adds to the overall experience of this and only makes it that much more enjoyable.   

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