Thursday, September 25, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Stalebirth “motherfuck (her) :: sessions at hollow earth radio ::”

            The fact that this is called “sessions at hollow earth radio” doesn’t really come into play until the very end as there is applause and cheering.   This obviously gives off the impression that this could be one long sort of improvised jam and I am definitely a fan of such things as that.

            Musically, Stalebirth has a lot of sharp feedback.   There are careful plucking of strings and at times the strings even sound like those of a banjo rather than a guitar.  We can also find some darker strings though, perhaps of a cello nature, and that gives the impression of a Stephanie Lak cassette and I’m digging that for sure.

            In its blatant undertones, this cassette has electronic roots spread out amongst the otherwise distorted mass of noise.    Amidst this are spoken words, in a diluted sense of the word, and they came across somewhere between the lines of poetry and the ravings of a lunatic (So Jim Morrison-esque then… I kid, I kid… only slightly)    While being in the presence of this live performance might make you feel threatened, it could also be something you seemingly pass by without taking particular notice in a crowded street area such as New York City.

            So what you essentially get as a result of all of the different components adding up is a cross between Scott Weiland (one of my personal heroes and most influential artists) yelling at you via megaphone and then something the likes of Stephanie Lak, Tanner Garza, Jay Gambit or other masters of the cassette scene.   One for the ages, people.  

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