Thursday, September 25, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Chives “Chives”

            I need to get something off of my chest that’s been eating at me for a while here, folks.   When I was in my youth, I picked up my first guitar at sixteen, I bought this karaoke machine from Nobody Beats the Whiz and it was a dual cassette deck so one side was capable of recording.  It had a line to run into it that I could stick my guitar cord through.   So basically, I could use a microphone, guitar and then playback on a cassette to record.  I haven’t seen anything like this since, but I used to record onto cassettes a lot between the ages of sixteen and eighteen or nineteen. 

            Now if I could somehow transplant teenage me into the present, man, I’d be self-releasing so many cassettes you couldn’t stop me.   You have to remember, back then (This was 1996 mind you, I was born in 1980) we didn’t have the technology we do now for promoting music (No Bandcamp, no wifi, barely AOL) and cassettes weren’t booming like they are now either (Nobody reviewing them like I am now)

            Chives is the solo project of Ryan Perkins and it reminds of something like I would have done in my youth only, let’s be honest as I always am, this is way better than anything I could have created when I was sixteen or even now.   I like to look back at my musical journey fondly and think I was some hot shot, but realistically, there is a reason why I am writing about music right now rather than creating it.   If I ever do find any of those old cassettes I once made, I can assure you that the general public will never hear them so as to not embarrass myself.

            The music of Chives is one of a distorted Beatles-esque sound.  There are elements of surf, sure, and also just an overall chaotic garage sound.   Oddly enough, this somehow also brings out qualities of Elvis to me, and while my original thought was of Elvis Presley (the original Elvis), my mind also drifted over toward Elvis Depressedly and that whole sort of genre that goes with him. 

            So next time you get a big head or nostalgic, thinking you could have been a cassette star, just listen to this cassette by Chives and realize that even though this is how you might have remembered yourself sounding in actuality Chives is untouchable when it comes to comparison.  

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