Thursday, September 25, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Larkian “Lunos Qza” (Dead Vox)

            What Larkian manages to capture on “Lunos Qza” is nothing short of amazing.  Many cassettes have been ambient or drone and even together at times, but none have molded the two and other various sounds together yet to create something such as Larkian has here.

            Through distorted drone we somehow maintain a feeling of ambience which can also be chilling.  It is dark and there are tones that can buzz but there are also space whirrs that you wouldn’t expect and don’t think could fit in quite so easily but they do.    Tones ala “Unsolved Mysteries” capture a certain level of darkness along with the sound of crashing waves.

            Perhaps the most striking factor this music is that through the various ambient qualities of it, there is a sense of peace and security.   It lulls you into a false sense of comfort that embraces you so that you will let your guard down.    Then the darkness comes out and corrupts you in a way that cannot really be fully explained. 

            If this was the soundtrack to a short film, it would most likely be one where you find out in the end that your innocent seeming next door neighbor is a serial killer when he’s wearing your face as a mask.   It is in that sense as well the essence of all of your childhood innocence smashed into a harsh reality and, well, it’s about damn time.  

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