Thursday, September 25, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: SEPHORA脳バイブス “Digital Divas” (Illuminated Paths)

            There did seemingly exist a time when I reviewed more digital music than I do now, and at that time I did review some vaporwave I’m sure, but right now it’s kind of funny because my primary source for all things vaporwave comes from Illuminated Paths.  

            While there might be other vaporwave cassettes here and there, but on the whole if there are other vaporwave labels putting out cassettes they just don’t simply have the same appeal as Illuminated Paths, so it is important for me to just take a moment and appreciate this.

            This particular release has some sounds like Beverly Hills Cop, and at times there are also vocals.   It’s smooth and there are jazz horns and then otherwise just saxophone sounds that could be from that 1980’s/1990’s era of rock n roll.  (I always just picture Lane Meyer playing his sax) 

            Elements of what I like to call the elevator church organ also come into play, but I really can only think of this as being another stellar example of a genre that I learned the most about from this very label.  

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