Thursday, September 25, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Graham Dunning “Kiosk One”

            This Graham Dunning cassette goes by so fast you have to listen to it a number of times before you can even begin to grasp all of the individual facets going on within the music.   It is difficult to even decide whether or not you like this before you listen to it repeatedly because it is so complex.

            On one hand, it would be somewhat accurate to call this glitch but it isn’t so much as other artists who have had that term applied to them, so I wouldn’t really call it that directly.   It offers up this static sort of 8bit sound which is then chopped up into loops and just manipulated over layers of other complexities which form eventual static waves. 

            If you’ve ever wondered what was going to be best possible way to optimize a small period of time and space, Graham Dunning may have just discovered it.   One glance at the cassette itself shows you how little tape is inside here, but to think that means this will be a quick and easy listen only proves to make fools of us all.  

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