Thursday, September 25, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: FECAL VOMIT / EON “eigengrau rain” (Phalænia)

            With the name Fecal Vomit you can expect harsh noise to follow and it does.  I mean, just imagine that you’re spewing poop out of your mouth and let me know how that image grabs you.    Eon can be assumed just as harsh, but they’re aren’t quite as much which I guess is a testament to their name.

            Fecal Vomit, as a musical experience, is full of sharp, distorted feedback.  There is a tone throughout this whole first side that almost makes you think it is there simply to send all of the neighborhood dogs into hiding.  There are audio clips or just someone speaking, I’m not sure, but it’s in the background and I never really feel like I’m supposed to be paying attention to what is being said anyway.   It’s definitely the vibe of being in a wind tunnel, at least up until the end when the lasers and fax machine sounds take over.

            While you could consider Eon to be harsh noise as well, I’m thinking they are a little bit less harsh at least compared with Fecal Vomit.   If I heard Eon on a cassette by themselves, I don’t know if I’d even consider them to be harsh per se because they don’t have the same elements of sharp feedback and that static combination which makes you kind of uncomfortable.   This Eon side begins with static doom.  The windy elements are also found here, but it’s more of a static drone.   If not drone, then it definitely maintains a certain consistency throughout without managing to lose my interest which is always important in situations such as these.

            You could say that Fecal Vomit is the storm and Eon is the aftermath, but let’s not take anything away from the power of Eon.  This is such a great split though because both of these artists are so equally excellent at what they’re doing, yet they don’t sound like mirror images of each other no matter how similar they might seem.  

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