Thursday, September 25, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Left Hand Cuts off the Right / Nacht und Nebel split

            So this is my first time hearing of these artists, but Left Hand Cuts off the Right does have a split out there with Timothy C. Holehouse, who I reviewed a cassette for recently (Which was yet another split, and by the by the Left Hand/TCH split CD will be reviewed here eventually as well) and if you take even just a second to look up Nacht und Nebel you’ll realize just how full this catalog is as well.  These are two artists I am just so very eager to dive into and this is perhaps the best way to do just that.

            Left Hand Cuts off the Right (which may or may not be in reference to the movie “Idle Hands”, as I forget which hand goes rogue in that movie) starts us off with two songs that make Side A.   There are instruments being used here, but I cannot quite place them and it does kind of bother me that I can’t pinpoint what this is exactly but it is beautiful.    It’s like a xylophone only it is quite chaotic and then it does turn into that Kung Fu Panda sound before the end of the first part.   There are some moments as well of spatial psychedelia, so it is strange to think of that as coming out of a xylophone but it is what it is.

            The second track has more of a flurry of wind chimes sound and I’m sure there is an instrument being used here that I’m just not familiar with by name, but what I can imagine is all that matters.   Do you believe in ghosts?  Actually, it’s irrelevant as to whether or not you do because this would be mostly imagining as this music creates a picture so they don’t have to be real for you to get this.

            I just picture an old, isolated house- like the one they find in that movie “The Happening”- that happens to have wind chimes on its porch.   And as these ghosts dance around, the wind chimes move and create a rhythm and thus develop songs so pure that no mere mortal could touch them.   Perhaps then, that best sums up the efforts of Left Hand as being unworldly. 

            [Editor’s Note: I don’t know why exactly, but I prefer to use the abbreviation “Left Hand” as opposed to “LHCOTR” or some other string of letters.  I’m not sure if this is how it is normally done, but it is what I am going to do]

            Nacht und Nebel is on Side B and there is only track there.  It’s a bit strange what you can hear here because it’s static and whirrs but also there is a slight hum and just overall the sounds seem to be coming from outerspace.  As the static slips through like some forgotten radio station, I can only think of this as being a transmission through AM/FM by an alien life form.    I know I rarely listen to the radio, but imagine if we were about to be invaded and the transmission as such were to interrupt NPR.   Then you’d kind of get a feel as to what this offering from Nacht und Nebel sounds like.

            I’d really like to put this track from Nacht und Nebel (Which is German for “Night and Fog”) onto the radio at random, without warning or explanation, and see how people react.   Especially if you threw it into the mix on a pop station the results could be well worth the hacking of radio frequencies (ala Christian Slater in “Pump Up the Volume”)

            If you need any other reason to think you might enjoy these two wonderful artists and the sounds that they create, just listen to it because I said so dammit.  

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