Wednesday, September 17, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: CyberPeanut “I’m Fine Thanks!” (Captain Crook Records)

            This is my second helping of CyberPeanut and the fact that this is 22 tracks whereas the first was a whopping 26 should in no way discourage you from rocking out to both of them, which total almost an amazing 50 songs (48 to be precise, if you’re not good at the math) 

            At times this can sound like folk punk and at other times it’s just plain silly.  A song like “Sushi Girl”, which perhaps borrows from that “Turning Japanese” song, is an example of how it can be silly, but the whole second half of the cassette can demonstrate a slightly more serious side.   Either way, you cannot deny that there is talent here.

            In fact, on the eleventh song (which follows “Sushi Girl”) there is a bit of Nirvana coming through somehow that should silence even the harshest of CyberPeanut critics.   Yet, CyberPeanut doesn’t seem to have the naysayers following them, as there is a song dedicated to everyone who loves CyberPeanut and includes a shout out to Captain Crook Records head honcho Slade Nevin.   (If CyberPeanut should ever want to throw my name into that song, I would not mind)

            Oh, and um, this does also include the “Oh Mercy MiMi Theme Song”, so I expect that to debut as an animated series any time now.  You know, I just read the other day that The Simpsons will be crossing over with Futurama now, after they do their Family Guy crossover, so the ball is in your court, Fox.  #rupertmurdoch 

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