Wednesday, September 17, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Soap Factory Preachers “Pretty Trash”

            This came as a set of two cassettes inside an Irish Spring soap box and since this is the Soap Factory Preachers it makes perfect sense.  I’ve seen cassettes wrapped up in previously used boxes before, but this is the first time I ever have seen one that fit together so perfectly.  (Yes, I did once get cassettes mailed to me in a Pop Tarts box, though they had nothing to do with pop or being tart)   So I can’t help but wonder at what point the people behind Soap Factory Preachers decided to hatch this plan and how they collected enough Irish Spring boxes to do so.  

            For me, I go through a bar of soap every two weeks or so, thus if this was an edition of 25 you’re talking almost a full years worth of soap.   Regardless, it’s making everything smell good and isn’t that all that really matters sometimes?    Though it also does make me wonder what other artists could do this or what other names could be implemented for something similar.   Obviously, cigarette packs have been used to hold cassettes but if there was something else of proper proportions and the artist was named aptly I’d like to see it… maybe.

            Though instrumental (for the most part), Soap Factory Preachers have a garage sound to them that encompasses some of my favorite artists from Nirvana and the non-distorted Local H to Campground Effect and even some Superdrag mixed with The Lot Six.    Some surf can even be heard amongst these guitar parts with rhythmic beats and bass lines to suit.   Pained psychedelic screams come out as well, and this at the same time can be felt in the same reign as Black Sabbath perhaps.

            I’ve always felt that bands like Soap Factory Preachers should be a dime a dozen.  I know that there are a lot of Nirvana clones out there, don’t get me wrong, but I just always thought there would be more.  Additionally, I always kind of felt like more people would take what Nirvana was doing and go with it in their own direction to sort of improve upon it in a modern sense.   Soap Factory Preachers have done it and the last time I recall someone else doing it so well was in fact the Campground Effect (which was what, 2005 maybe at the latest?)

            Maybe music like this does still exist.  Maybe it’s just not this good and that’s why I don’t give it credit and rightfully so.   Yeah, this one is meant to be played at the highest of possible volumes.   Let it all out.  

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