Wednesday, September 17, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Disleksick / Sorcerer Torturer (Urgent Telepathy Recordings)

            In yet another split cassette that I love, I have managed to find Sorcerer Torturer who I enjoy immensely sharing a cassette with Disleksick whom I haven’t really heard before now.   I would absolutely love to be able to make a sort of six degrees chart where I trace everyone back via split cassettes, thus let’s say next up Disleksick would do a split with someone I’ve never heard before and then so on in that pattern, but in many ways I am kind of floating around from label to label accomplishing just that.

            Disleksick begins Side A with what is a combination of harsh noise and hardcore undertones.  Whether it has been used or not I do not care because for purposes of taking notes, I shortened this sound to “harshcore” and I think it could stick.   Elements of metal come out amongst the screaming and all around feel of someone like CurlUpandDie or I Like You, Go Home.   I just feel like this is the type of music I don’t hear enough, want to hear more of and couldn’t possibly get enough of ever.

            On the flip side we have returning contenders Sorcerer Torturer who bring the pain via hardcore distortion similar to that of Disleksick but instead of vocals there are audio clips about this and that.   There are several splits out there from Sorcerer Torturer that are with other artists I’ve not yet heard of, so perhaps instead that notion I had to start this review it would be something more along the lines of ST being sort of this guide through this world of wonderful music for me.

            After a quick search of Bandcamp, I managed to find Disleksick on a noise compilation from NOG Records (Yes, I remember them) proving how intertwined everything is once again.    Yet, this should also help me delve a little bit further into this genre I have come to enjoy so much but seem to experience so little.  

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