Friday, August 1, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: Girl 27 “The End”

                Seemingly right after I finished writing the review for “And I Hope Nothing Hurts You More”, I got an email from Bandcamp informing me of this release and I was just all like, “Bring it on, baby!!”   If only things could work out so well with all artists, but alas, sometimes you have to wait longer for new music.

                Anyway, this begins a lot quieter than the previous release and it’s somewhat of the opposite than that noise of being beaten and broken.   It’s ambient at its core with audio clips.   The whole thing just somehow makes me feel rather detached from humanity and the strange thing about that is not only in relation to the fact that it doesn’t have to be overly loud to hurt you, but also that as it ties in with “And I Hope Nothing Hurts You More”, it’s a most excellent accompanying piece to it.

                As of my typing this- from what I can best tell- Girl 27 doesn’t have any physical releases, though I would buy any and all of this on cassette, so in order to preserve this music in a physical sense I would eventually put it onto a blank CD.   In that scenario, I would combine these two so that they flow back to back, and in some ways that almost seems intentional by Girl 27.

                This is the feeling of floating through the vast space of nothingness on your own.   It’s the emptiness you feel in your heart on Christmas morning as a child after you’ve opened all of your presents.   It is knowing that you have been beaten and won’t be able to come back this time around so it is simply time for you to leave this world.    

              And in that sense, yes, it is only appropriate that this movement ends with the words “Well, nevermind, it’s too late” followed by the ringing of the bell which would signify the end of the fight in, say, a boxing match.  

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