Friday, July 25, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: Girl 27 “And I Hope Nothing Hurts You More”

                When “And I Hope Nothing Hurts You More” begins, a harsh noise fills my ears.   I’ve heard harsh noises and written of them before, but this one is particularly harsh.   The entire feel of this album is one of “fuck you”.   If the title doesn’t suggest it enough, it has a definite revenge feel to it on the whole.    Girl 27 is, in a sense, taking what pain has been inflicted upon him and shoving it back onto the person who put it there.

                It echoes back and forth between my earbuds, just showing you need to keep this one as close to your brain as possible, for maximum cleansing.    There are lightsabers, lots of static and even some glitches before the harsh ringing comes in.   A loud tone of drone begins which gets into this sort of galloping feel, yet all the while staying with the beeping of static glitch harshness.

                I do not and cannot speak from experience, but to me a lot of what these songs feel like is the equivalent of being put in a chair, wires strapped to you with patches and just electrodes being beaten into your body.   Yes, this is the musical version of electro shock therapy to me, and yet somehow I like it.    Does that make me a masochist?   Why would I enjoy the supposed pain that Girl 27 wants me to feel?

                When I remove my earbuds after our session is done, it isn’t necessarily a ringing that is in my ears but rather a fine buzz, almost a hum remains, as if something physical and not just audio has happened to me.  

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