Friday, July 25, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: Bonehole “Suite Fuck! Tears in Seven Passionate Pavans” (Centipede Farm)

                Bonehole begins with static dirge and fire crackling.   I think about this title and wonder what it could mean, but I’m more focused on the name Bonehole itself.   Do you have a hole in your bone?   That’s probably not good.  I imagine someone sticking their finger in that hole.   My sick and twisted mind goes back to my days of watching ultraviolent wrestling, and I imagine someone putting a foreign object in the Bonehole…  let’s say a screwdriver.    I then begin to wonder if there are any funny band names I could put together with Bonehole to make it sound like something is going in there that shouldn’t be. 

                The music becomes quieter, only slight bits of static and an otherwise sound of air fill this room.   A little growling comes out next, but it could just as easily be Darth Vader waves.   The noise grows heavier and it gets windy.    There is needle tingling, which always has the distinct reaction of goosebumps on the arms, and then there are elevating high pitches.

                We end with the sounds of lasers and I’m somewhat convinced that this music might have somehow just performed minor surgery on me.    I feel like by listening to it, maybe I have a hole in one of my bones somewhere now.  Maybe I have seven.   Maybe I just need more calcium in my diet.   

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