Friday, July 25, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: Bob Bucko Jr. “Duo improvisation with Matthew Crowe. Recorded live in Des Moines.”

                This is a single track that is about seventeen and a half minutes in length and as the title suggests it is a duo and that duo seems to consist of a guitar player and drummer.    On some level, this has this sort of down home, John Denver sort of feel to it.   Then on the other side, you get these ZZ Top guitar riffs and just all around excellent drumming.  

                It takes you through some surf as the pace picks up, and then by the nine minute mark or so, we slow down a little bit and there are just minimal guitar notes and strums.    Drum roll please…   This also sounds a little psychedelic at times, and I’m good with that. 

                I always enjoy what people are willing to do in terms of improvised music as I feel that sometimes music should be simply one take.   (I mean, do you paint a painting twenty times in a studio before you get it perfect?  Well… maybe, but in a different sense)    I’m not sure if this was recorded in front of an audience or not, but even if it wasn’t it could have easily been.

                This is different from what I’m used to hearing in that live and improvised sense, with such artists as Stephanie Lak and some of those Museum of Microcassette Art pieces.   It’s something closer to ZN, but even then it’s not exactly like that either because it’s just closer to that rock vibe than the idea of noise.   In any event, I like it and it just goes to show how far the boundaries of improvised music can be pushed.  

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