Friday, August 1, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: How Down “Cow Town” (Secret Ghost Recordings)

                While How Down and “Cow Town” do rhyme, I always want to call this “Ho Down” because that just seems so much more fitting for a “Cow Town”.    As far as cow towns go though, this really doesn’t sound the type of band that they would produce.   If nothing else can be said about them, How Down just flat out rocks.

                Between Alkaline Trio, Shades Apart and that Blue Meanies organ sound, this starts off strong and never really relents.   There is some Stone Temple Pilots in here, but also it could be a cross between Gin Blossoms and Lemonheads.    Moments of thrash get screamy and I am also reminded of earlier Local H sounds. 

                Other alliances closer to punk come out.   Liars Academy for one.   Rise Against for sure.   Some Lucero, but not too much.    Hot Water Music, who tend to go with Alkaline Trio any way.    “Nimrod” era Green Day comes out as well.   And then we also have that stripped down Nirvana feel to it too. 

                In a lot of ways this could just be described as a faster paced version of Alice in Chains, sort of like “Over Now” or “Would”, in terms of their songs, but to simplify it in any aspect would be a great disservice as this is just rock to the ultimate stop. 

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