Friday, August 1, 2014

CD REVIEW: Captain Baby “Sugar Ox” (Sunset Alliance)

            There is this certain familiarity in the music of Captain Baby that I cannot place and I am okay with that.   This is somewhere between indie pop rock and something you might hear on the radio (or at least college radio) and I’m okay with all of that as well.   In fact, I’m just so pleased with this CD I don’t really know where to begin. 

                Through drum machine beats I am almost immediately reminded of someone such as Beck or an earlier era Polyvinyl artist.    It then manages to find this groove that puts it somewhere between the second album by The Stryder and a non-ska version of RxBandits.  

               I feel like there is some Rusted Root near the end and maybe even the slightest hint of Neon Trees, but this is just some good old fashioned rock with those hints of pop in it.   I didn’t think they could make this anymore without sounding closer to someone else specifically, but Captain Baby seems to have found a way.

                Additionally, they do have a line that states “Why am I made of bubblegum?” and whether or not that is in reference to “Adventure Time”, this is still a really solid album. 

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