Wednesday, August 27, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Wizards Tell Lies "The Ninth Door" (Jehu & Chinaman)

            While I fully realize that I should have some clever introduction to this cassette about wizards and their lying ways, all I can really say is that every time I read this title I think it says “The Ninth Doctor” and curse those who I know that are fans of the show “Doctor Who”.

            What begins with beats and tings kicks into distorted guitars and can become pretty rocking.   It has this almost –gaze feel to it, but there are also moments of quiet.    We also journey into a western sort of feel, with boots stomping and dark strings.   In that way, it does remind me a little bit of Murder by Death but only a little bit.    As it grows slightly dreamy like carousel FNL, it quickly switches full throttle into an almost hardcore/mewithoutYou pattern that is just flat out rocking.  The distortion comes back and brings out the darker qualities of Marilyn Manson or Nine Inch Nails (You know, back in their day).  Side A concludes with rather sharp feedback.

            On the flip side, we have this sort of instrumental version of the Nirvana song “Aneurysm” and I want to note that this cassette is reminding me of the new Wreck of the Hesperus cassette on Fort Evil Fruit but I realize I haven’t written that review quite yet (By the time this gets posted though, who knows, you might already be reading it)   As Side B slows down and becomes ambient as it did on Side A, some psychedelic keys can be heard and then it just goes full on post rock with such a great build. 

            I often tell stories of bands that claim to be the defining example of good post rock, and I’m not saying that is true for Wizards Tell Lies but I’m saying that this is still better than those bands that I tend to question and then consequently get kicked off of the Deep Elm mailing list.  

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