Wednesday, August 27, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Loop Minded Individuals "A Hitchhiker's Guide To A Verse" (I had An Accident Records)

            One of the hardest aspects of trying to describe this cassette by Loop Minded Individuals is that it’s such a huge collective of names that you can’t simply say, “Oh, it sounds like this”.   It makes me think- if nothing else- of how writers must have felt back in the day reviewing N.W.A. because before they all broke off into solo careers, you just look at it and say, “Well, here’s a group of guys rapping”, yet each of them sort of has their own style and then you end up writing full reviews for Cube and Dre and so on. 

            Not to say that this sounds like N.W.A. or maybe even any of its components.  There are hints of beats in here from the 1990’s, but also some vibes from A Tribe Called Quest and that’s right up my sleeve.   At times there are horns and that reminds me of the obvious choice of Us3, while later on the lyrical flow can bring to mind Sage Francis.

            The thing is, there isn’t really a good way to describe this as a whole and it would only do it an injustice.  It needs to be dissected more and each individual artist who is contributing to this needs their own attention.   After hearing this cassette (And, oh how the nostalgia in me loves that this is on cassette) I do want to hear these individuals separately as well now.

            Why did I go with the N.W.A. comparison earlier on instead of Wu Tang Clan?  I have no idea.   Probably because I relate N.W.A. to cassettes and Wu Tang with CDs.

            My two favorite lines from this entire release are: “The poster boy for wasted opportunity” (I can give you a good run on that one) and “A tranny DJ selling your mixtapes on eBay”, which if factual sounds like an amazing story I’d like to hear.

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