Wednesday, August 27, 2014


                This cassette comes out swinging as it hits hard and it hits fast.   Something like CurlUpandDie and/or Every Time I Die can be heard within the first few moments and the whole of Side A.   It has that punk-metal feel to it, but there are also those super technical guitar riffs that let you know it is all intentional and not just instruments being pounded for the sake of making something loud and destructive sounding.

                On the flip side, things get slightly slower (though not by much) and almost come to a purer form of metal.   The sound is simply crushing and I know no better way to equate it than with the stomping of a large city by Godzilla. 

                As fast and seemingly angry as this is, it is still an impressive piece of music for the talent that went into it.   It also manages to sound stellar on cassette, so I give it props for that as a lot of heavier music might sound like it will blow your speakers or just get lost somehow else.   I’ve only heard of 30XX before this by name, but now I am instantly a fan.

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