Wednesday, August 27, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Sounding "InALand / part 2"

            Every once in a while I get these sounds that are what I like to think of as the inverse of noise or ambient styles of music.   Sounding portrays that using pretty much only strings and it is definitely something worth hearing.    While it has an overall classical vibe to it, the undertones remain as such that it isn’t necessarily something as a Bach or Beethoven, but carves its own niche and does so perfectly.

            Side A presents the pretty strings with an echoing.  A ringing.  A shaking.   There are whooshing spirals and I begin to think that this is the sound of butterflies as they fly.  You know how you can hear certain insects, such as a fly or bee, when they fly past you?    This is that beautiful sound wave reverberating off of the wings of a butterfly as they flap along in the sky.  Oh, that we could only get so close as to actually hear the sounds they make I do believe it would sound as this.

            On the flip side, there are beats but they are not being made by an instrumental of percussion.   The strings continue and I begin to think of this as a ballet now.   It is by no means your ordinary ballet and my knowledge on the subject is minimal at best, but it does conjure up images of dancers prancing ever so delicately, precise and deliberate with every step.

            There exists an instrument only in fiction (“Futurama” to be exact) and when you play it images can appear as easily as the accompanying music.   Such a device has yet to be crafted in this time and it may never be done for various reasons (Most of which are scientific) but this cassette by Sounding comes very, very close to it.   

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