Wednesday, August 27, 2014


            This cassette came in bubble wrap and without a case, but that didn’t really alter the playing of it and the cassette itself remained intact.   I see this lack of plastic case as a missed opportunity to put in a little booklet of art or something, but alas we get only this one little sheet of paper with info on it.

            It is also worth noting that when I received this cassette, it was rewound to the raxil4 side, which seems to be Side B from all other indicators, but it is not uncommon for a cassette to come in this way, I just happened to listen to it as such then and will review it as such as well.  So if this seems backwards just know that it came that way.

            The raxil4 side of this begins with harmonious synth tones that are drone, ambient and somewhat church-based in sound.  They become slightly reverb-ish, which gives off this sort of shaky vibe, but they mostly stay the same,    In fact, there are slight frequency changes to this, though I feel that they would only be recognized by the best trained ear or perhaps a species with superior hearing such as dogs.   One time, one of my cats was trying to sleep rather close to the sound and her ear would twitch ever so much as it changed.

            Timothy C. Holehouse aka TCH is responsible for the other side, which could be A or B depending upon your take on life in general, and it begins with the softest blaring synth drone power you could possibly imagine.   It is the essence of someone yelling in a whisper, which might seem like an impossible concept but just try having a yelling match with someone when an infant is asleep.   The sounds are ambient and soothing, like a warm bath, with hints of static, strings or possibly both.  

            Before TCH is done, there are loops of acoustic guitar notes, but on the whole this is just an excellent display of how drone should sound from a peaceful standpoint and it also is as mighty as the sum of its parts.  

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