Wednesday, August 27, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Valerio Orlandini “Luci Accese alle Soglie del Mattino” (Cruel Nature Records)

                When this cassette by Valerio Orlandini begins, it comes through in waves accompanied by high hats.   At no point during this cassette do I convince myself that I know what is going to happen next, but somehow these various elements that start with the waves come together and form something that whilst it cannot be completely explained it does not take away any bit of the pleasure from listening to it. 

                The music can be described as electronic, but only in the way that The Beatles can be described as rock n roll.    Through a buzzing tone we enter a series that sounds like the score from “Jaws” before what I like to refer to as the uplifting strings come out.   It is a most powerful sequence about overcoming something so greatly tragic and it ends with some sort of church organ sounds.

                On Side B we get a little bit more of a dreamy sandcastle feel to the music, but then also it just reminds me of something between the Lord of the Rings soundtrack and possibly Enya.   It is hard to explain either of those two things if you’ve never heard either before as they just seem to be in their own genres, yet also they are also such strong representations of what is to be considered good in the land of new age (which admittedly is not something I generally tend to listen to on the whole)

                Perhaps the best way to think of this- and reason to listen to it- is that this is inspirational music for those who do not like inspirational anything.   It is something to listen to when you need to be uplifted in the sense that you need a shot of positivity in your life, but you don’t like listening to things such as motivational speakers. 

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