Wednesday, August 27, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Scammers "A Song That Can Exist" (Jehu & Chinaman)

                Though I’ve reviewed Scammers before I must say I find it increasingly hard to describe the sounds other than to tell you that it sounds like Scammers.    The music on “A Song That Can Exist” is somewhere between that of The Church and pop, as sometimes there are piano keys or just other elements thrown in that make you think of a radio band such as Phoenix.

                Other times the vocals can come out like Violent Femmes and there are musical gaps where he is singing, but more just like talking over nothing and then the music comes back.   As much as you want to believe that it is a combination of this and that, in reality it is just something that Scammers has crafted and can now claim all his own.   Throughout the various releases on various labels I have never encountered bad music by Scammers and this is no exception to that.

                Whether he is singing about the title of this cassette or being poor or just for dishwashers, the lyrics have that storyteller quality as well that cannot be overlooked.   It is not exactly the same as anyone else, as Scammers has certainly developed its own unique voice (Which is true in both the lyrics and music), but it could be compared with that of a Bob Dylan or Billy Joel style, though again it doesn’t really sound like either of them specifically.

                I find myself enjoying and listening to just about every different type of music out there, so it’s hard for me to say that there is something I feel like everyone should listen to because so many of the styles vary.   Within the last five cassettes I’ve listened to, I’m sure that some people might like some of them and not others and that is fine.   But Scammers is the one that I feel should unite us all.   Scammers truly is the voice of a generation. 

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