Wednesday, August 27, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Teaadora "Blood Gold" (I had An Accident Records)

            Teaadora has a soft, soothing voice that sometimes brings out words and at other times just sounds.   If you’re usually late to the party like I am, this cassingle could very well be your introduction to Teaadora, as it is to me, and it does serve as a bit of a teaser to a full length expected later this year.  (Whether or not that will be on cassette as well remains to be seen)

            I enjoy a good artist comparison as much as anyone.   Being able to say that Teaadora sounds like a mixture of “Good Artist A” and “Good Artist B”, which makes Teaadora good, would be fine by me and I’ll take that idea any day of the week to find myself listening to good music.    But for as good as Teaadora is, there is really just no point for comparison here.

            The first song- “Perfect Love”- is filled with acoustic guitar notes and has a sort of folk feel to it, but again, for thinking of similar artists who would “acoustic guitar + vocals”, and there are probably at least a million others out there, I just cannot even begin to come close to what this song resembles exactly.

            The second song, which is Side B as well as the titular track, has more of a drum machine/dream pop type of feel to it, but I once again find myself running into the same problem that there should very easily be several artists to compare this with but I just come up blank.

            While these are two simply fantastic songs, this cassette also is a precursor to the full length album, and as such this makes me that much more curious for when that comes out because as I cannot find a way to convey these to you precisely, I wonder if that same problem will hinder me on a scale of ten or so songs.    

            Let this also serve as proof that people should not be paying $10 for an entire album of music by the mighty talented Teaadora, but rather $10 per song seems like a fairer price to me.

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