Wednesday, August 27, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: VAllEY "VAllEY" (I had An Accident Records)

                What I like most and what you need to really know about this VAllEY cassette is that you can never really know where it’s going to take you, but once you get there it seems so obvious.    When you think one thing is happening, it just as smoothly and quickly becomes another and you never saw it coming but it just somehow works so well.

                Side A begins us with this quiet piano loop and though it might be guitar notes both of those instruments will come into play throughout the side.   At the end of Side A there is some definite piano keys being played, while in between there exists guitar notes and the background of a hum drone.   The tone is dark and sullen, like a funeral, and it somehow brings out those Nirvana demos I like to reference a lot for some reason.  (I can only conclude it is because most artists love Nirvana and therefore bring that music out in their own)

                On the flip side, we begin things with the sounds of birds chirping before engaging the seriousness of Night Court drums accompanied by rhythmic guitar notes.  This brings us into the sound that 311 recreates to mimic the sea or even some Simon and Garfunkel.    Vocals kick in and we hear that the artist is spelling the name of the cassette, which is also his name.   It is divided in half: “VAL – LEY” and as I first heard it come out somewhere between Dylan and Cloud Nothings I ultimately decided it most resembled Two Gallants. 

                This doesn’t have a specific genre to it and I dig that about it.   I wouldn’t put it in with your standard rock or bedroom or lo-fi or whatever, but it certainly has enough of those elements on a broader scale that I do enjoy this immensely and I hope that you do too.

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