Wednesday, August 27, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Psychotic Quartet "Cordyceps" (New Atlantis Recordings)

            Immediately upon seeing the word “Quartet” in the artist name, I knew this was going to be some take on classical music and I am so happy that I was right.    It’s horns and strings, but they are portrayed in a way that resembles more of the noise genre than something you would hear in a concert hall.   This is just so wonderful I cannot even explain it.

            At times, the music sounds flat out sad, like the score to a black and white cartoon.   There is a bit of banging and it can also sound intentionally bad rather than being out of tune.  (I know “bad on purpose” is a genre but this doesn’t really fall into there so much because it really is not bad in that sense)  There is applause because apparently some of these songs are live and I didn’t realize it until it came to its conclusion.

            It is haunting and howling, like some kind of animal.   Yet, there is a symphony in here still.  It’s not your normal symphony or your normal anything, but it is in its own way a very perfectly orchestrated symphony.   The only point for comparison I really have is something I’ve listened to from the Bandcamp of Stephanie Lak, and since I do enjoy her music so deeply I feel that the more we have that sounds like this the better off we all can be for it.  

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