Wednesday, August 27, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Beachers "Pretend" (Jehu & Chinaman)

            The one thing about this Beachers cassette that I like is that it always keeps me guessing.   Without even really thinking about the name and just focusing on the music, I can hear enough sounds coming through to make me think of this as being water based, yet at the same time it could just as easily be set in space or some other worldly place.

            We open with a slight tapping that is almost too quiet to hear so I do recommend headphones/earbuds with this one.   (I realize most people wear headphones but I still prefer earbuds)  Ambient synth tones lead into this sort of chanting and then nautical and dreamy tones.   I do imagine this as being some sort of pirate adventure or just the general life at sea, and in that way it does come back to the beach but there is still more to this than just a glass bottle with a treasure map in it washing ashore.

            Laser space synth comes out next, and the idea of it being set in outer space does return on Side B as well, so now I’m wondering if instead of being out at sea maybe it is rather a spaceship.    There are loops and by the end of Side A we get into a little bit of an X-Files vibe.   You can sense that it is a bit eerie and I again am thinking of a space movie that has that horror quality to it such as “Alien”.   (Funny how this is not the Jehu & Chinaman cassette with “alien” in the title)

            Within space bubbles (further proof this could be set in space), there exists a sound I can only compare to an instrument I’ve seen in pop culture but never in person before.   It is in an episode of “The Big Bang Theory” that Sheldon Cooper plays the theremin and I can hear that very sound coming through on this cassette, though I am not certain as to whether or not one is actually being used.

            Perhaps this could serve as a nice, relaxing listen when you are at the beach on a lazy summer day, but it might also startle you as I feel there is underlying quality of alien invasion within these walls.  

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