Wednesday, August 27, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Wizard Of "Naive I-V" (zamzamrec)

            Wizard Of creates an electro piece of music at heart with this cassette, but there are some underlying factors in it which certainly need to be addressed as well.   There are any number of cassettes out there right now that could fall under an easy “electronic” category that just lets you know they consist of a lot of beeps and boops and all the sounds that come with it.   Wizard Of is a little bit different than all of that else, but they do still have that electronic base.

            Through the electro bliss, drum machine blurs bring out a unique sound that can be described as smooth.    I’ve only ever heard one song by Fort Minor, which has a video that is pretty cool so I’m sure you know the song, but this cassette just reminded me a lot of that only on an instrumental level in ways.  And I never really thought that song was particularly bad on a musical level, it was just always the vocals that bothered me.  

            But there was always something in the music of that single that translates to this cassette by Wizard Of just as well.   It’s mysticism if you will, the way some skateboarders can pull off tricks and just make it look so easy.   It’s the way you can sink a three pointer and it’s nothing but net.   It’s a home run when the ball seemingly just disappears. 

            Do I need to go on with the sports metaphors or can you begin to understand better now how this isn’t just a piece of electronic music—if you’ll pardon the pun, this is magic.  

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