Friday, August 1, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Staton Embassy “From My Head to Yours” (Uuhngreh Schpuggenuh Records)

                Sometimes when you listen to music that has a lot of changes and genre jumps it can be overwhelming, but with Staton Embassy they seem to know what they’re doing so as to keep you in the loop without feeling like you’re missing something by not being on the other side of it.

                To say that there is no box you can put this in is a huge compliment.   It begins as Kimbra perhaps, but quickly has xylophone notes that bring out a little bit more of the weird indie side of things.  From beep tones to Unsolved Mysteries, this can also channel Austra just that easily and I have yet to find an artist on here this represents that is bad or done in a poor manner.

                Weird (and I use that term lightly, though it does come out in this review a lot, I know) sort of pop beats come out at times and that makes me think of either Ke$ha or Deerhoof, and again, only reminds me that this cassette is doing everything absolutely right.    It’s weird pop about peppermint and I’m not certain that it won’t get weirder as it goes on.

                Layered vocals turn dreamy, like a children’s mobile, and this is unique to say the least.  From jazzercise to whispers, this also brings out fond memories of Ladytron and lines like “My present is your past” have me waxing philosophically for days.   

                Overall, I feel like you gain maybe ten experience points in music every time you fall in love with a new artist.   But this cassette from Staton Embassy is just so good that I feel like I’m gaining all of those points from the first time I hear Kimbra, Austra, Deerhoof, Ladytron, etc.     This music unrivaled and really just sets the bar for everything that will come after it. 

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