Friday, August 1, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Contemporary Music Primer by v/a (Uuhngreh Schpuggenuh Records)

                I am typically not in the habit of reviewing compilations of any kind, but this cassette can be exception because it is that good to me.   I listened to this after the other two cassettes I got from the same label, so obviously when The Staton Embassy and Periscope Breath came on during this I could pick them out right away.

                From punk to rock n roll to the just plain weird, this offers up a diverse quadrant of music and if you haven’t heard any of these bands before (I really hadn’t) then this would be a great way to introduce yourself to them.   They all sound spectacular on cassette and hearing this just makes me want to know more about them.

                Again, while I generally don’t like reviewing compilations on the whole, this cassette was great the first time I heard it because of the element of surprise.  It’s not just another hardcore compilation or punk compilation, etc.—it is a mixed bag and so you never really know what the next song will sound like your first time through.

                The more you listen to it though, the more it sort of gels and just becomes this great piece of music that shouldn’t be together because of the styles but just somehow works.   Even in my youth, I don’t think I’ve ever had a cassette quite like this and that just makes it that much more special. 

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