Friday, August 1, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Periscope Breath “Blind Miles” (Uuhngreh Schpuggenuh Records)

                When one looks through a periscope, one should do so with their eyes and not their mouth.   “Blind Miles”, which could be a reference to the eyes and not mouth, begins with a combination of beeps, synth drone and a background of ambient fog.    Guitar distortion makes it way into the equation, and soon random notes and chords are seemingly being struck.    It is, for all intent and purposes, noisy.

                When you are taken into a vibe that includes the old west- tumbleweed blowing, showdown at dawn sort of thing- the one thing you don’t really expect to come along with it is a helicopter, but that is how we find the Side B of “Blind Miles” starting and I’m interested in the crossover.

                There is some sort of lowtalker amidst the static ambience now, and I’m questioning whether they are truly speaking or if it is a musical instrument made to sound like vocals.   Laser frequencies crash back and forth as we then find a certain sense of ringing.

                With the name of Periscope Breath, you would expect this one to sound like it was taking place underwater and that is not the impression that I get.   Still, you could have a periscope on any number of vehicles I suppose (A tank?) and so perhaps it instead refers to that.   In any event, you should come along for the ride on this one.

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