Friday, August 1, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Larkian “Selected drones 2” (Dead Vox)

                This is the second installment of Larkian’s drone cassettes, and I’m not really so much going back to read the first review as it might hinder this review as I’ll just base this more on a standalone release if you will, because I think it does a fine job of finding its own legs without having to be considered a sequel.

                Most of the first side of this cassette makes me feel as I’m lost in the woods and Jason Voorhees is lurking in the shadows, waiting to strike.  It’s ambient with distorted guitars, but it also has these ringing whirrs and some foggy sounds.   As peaceful and calm as it might appear, it is just as nerve-racking and edge of the seat type of haunting. 

                Side B switches things up a little bit, but it still has that feeling of the calm before the storm, the stillness in the water before Jaws’ head comes popping through and snatches you up, etc.   There are tones within the ambient fog, as well as some sharpness but then it transitions into an acoustic guitar loop which is nice and soothing.    Before the end there are pieces of drums added in to give it this strange Metallica vibe, but it does still disturb me on some level.

                While this could have very easily something that was meant to put on while you soaked in the bath or just did whatever it is you do to remain calm, I’m quite pleased with the fact that as relaxing as the general tone might be it also gives off that “better watch your back” vibe or, for sake of the earlier Metallica reference, to sleep with one eye open. 

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