Wednesday, August 13, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Static/Voice/Static “Dawn is Upon Us…” (Captain Crook Records)

                Right away, I will admit that it is difficult to see the title “Dawn is Upon Us…” and think of anything other than science fiction.    That being said, it does start off with some sort of sci-fi noises for sure, but then eventually does take us into space, which may or may not be a sci-fi affair.  (With the title, the sci-fi I was thinking of was the dawning of a new world, something more like the original “Planet of the Apes”)

                There are ringing waves, space synth and synth strings all coming out most harmoniously within Side A and it takes you into a more relaxing and peaceful state than you would expect for the dawn being upon us.   I often think of this title as being like those giant drums being banged with those giant fuzzy mallets and yet this doesn’t even feel like the calm before the storm.  

                Have you ever seen those images of astronauts floating in space?  You must have, at some point, seen one of them in their spacesuits, attached to the ship still, doing something outside of it.   Then, all of a sudden, the chord comes loose and you find yourself drifting into space with nothing left to do but eventually sit back and enjoy the ride.    That is what Side A makes me think of, only in the peaceful sense of it all and not the panic that leads up to it.

                Side B brings us a little bit more back down to earth, as it reminds me from the start of a sci-fi video game.   In keeping with my space theme (Or rather the space theme Static/Voice/Static seemingly creates on this cassette) I like to think of it as sounding like Asteroids, which I enjoy playing to this day even though that stupid little spaceship always sort of drifts to one side ever-so-slightly and just simply cannot remain still.

                Along with some Pinball Wizards hints within here, there are electro beats which ultimately give way to static skips and I’m not entirely certain what is happening but if this is a science fiction movie the outcome is not positive for the empire. 

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