Wednesday, August 13, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: The Swine Lakes “The Swine Lakes”

                This begins with an instrumental piece that has a classical feel to it, almost like a ballet.  I referenced “Swan Lake” in my notes before realizing that it was so close to the artist name that it seemed kind of silly afterwards. 

                There are some vocals on here though, which are of either gender, and just some dreamy guitar whirrs to start.   Part Linda Perry, part lounge singer act, this also embraces the finer points of Billie Holiday meeting Mazzy Star. 

                It has- especially on the second side- some darkness to it, which could be along the lines of an acoustic bit of Delta Dart or One-Eyed Doll.    Distorted static closes out one of the songs, while others are either electro, acoustic or somehow both.

                From songs like “Sweet Jane” (Cowboy Junkies cover, not the original) to “Something in the Way”, this has a looming cloud over it that lets you know it’s most certainly not about sunshine and puppy dogs, but also it isn’t too dampening as such to scare you away.

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