Monday, August 11, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Cut the Beige Wire “Omni Scale”

                There have been times when I’ve heard horns (mostly of the saxophone variety) come out during certain ambient pieces of music that might otherwise be described as noise, and I’ve thought of them as being some sort of acid jazz or “jazz noise”, but with Cut the Beige Wire this is simply some fantastic almost straight up traditional sounding jazz. 

                Partially this reminds me of someone such as Catherine Sikora, yet it could just as easily be one of the multi-talented musicians who you’d find on a pairing with Stephanie Lak.   It is just that good, so I can’t really compare it with too many other things that I’ve heard  because I just don’t listen to (modern) jazz in the traditional or classical sense and don’t hear pieces of it coming out in as many artists as I’d like to either.

                It is worth noting that before the end of Side B this does take on a little bit of the outside-of-jazz, which I like to think of as borderline 8bit, and thus this brings me to think about someone I once knew.    We’ve all probably known someone like this in our lifetime: the horn snob.

                Someone I once knew thought that ska was bad and thus branded anything with horns as “ska” even if it wasn’t.  (And so many styles of music have horns but are not ska)  I’m kind of hoping as I write this that the review isn’t taken as my thinking anything with horns is “jazz”, but this just doesn’t sound like anything else I really listen to, as good as it is, and so I’m slightly stuck for comparisons. 

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