Friday, August 1, 2014


                While I’ve already forgotten how I wanted to categorize split cassettes, this one would be the type that has two artists who sound similar but are not duplicates of each other, the brothers from another mother if you will.

                RU/ST begins with loud static that could easily fall under the tag of harsh noise.   This flurry keeps its pace throughout, only allowing for slight alterations here and there.   There is a slight bit of whirring before it fades out in the end.    This is a perfect example of static drone if only because there are all of these little intricacies going on behind the scenes of this that can’t really be heard but make it something more than just one sound on repeat (The idea of holding a key down on a keyboard comes to mind, which admittedly I have tried and does not produce the same results).

                GRVD is interesting enough by name, as I think of it as being the license plate version of gravedigger”, but then it is also the letter “G” in front of Rob Van Dam, so who knows if that has something to do with it (I cannot say it without pointing my thumbs to my shoulders in my head).   The overall feel of RU/ST is maintained with GRVD, but there is a bit more of static mess.   It rolls, like thunder (sorry, had to) and has noises of bees before sharp tones bring out the dog whistle sounds.   It ends in a glitch sort of manner and I’m digging it.

                This is right up there with the likes of Crowhurst and that lot, and it is truly something you need to experience if you are a fan of theirs or anyone else like them.   This is best on cassette for obvious reasons as well. 

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