Friday, August 1, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: New Faultlines “Runaway”

                There exists a period of music that has seemingly been forgotten about.   It’s after Nirvana, but before all of that radio rock really took over with the likes of Limp Bizkit and what not.     This also isn’t the same genre I like to go to with rock bands that includes Soul Asylum and the Replacements.     I cannot exactly place the bands in this time frame, though one that did come to mind immediately when listening to “Runaway” was Kula Shaker for whatever reason.

                Saying there are hints of The Beatles seems like overkill these days, as most bands do have that aspect to their music, but there is also some Supergrass in here and it does also get a bit dreamy.    There are hints of Oasis, but it isn’t quite that band just something along those lines, like maybe a band you’d hear open for them.

                The only other direct sort of influence I could pull was for Stone Temple Pilots and that would be the “Big Bang Baby” era, since their catalog is rather diverse.    But New Faultlines exist in a forgotten era of rock, one that I am quite fond of and can only be better remembered through the vehicle known as cassettes.

                Perhaps this cassette will help to remind you of some forgotten band you once saw in concert or had the t-shirt for, back before grunge became Adidas rock.    If not, you can at least enjoy the fact that this does have a unique rock sound to it that should just be played loud and deafening. 

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