Friday, August 1, 2014

RECORD REVIEW: Muuy Biien “DYI” (Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records)

                Muuy Biien channel a lot of my favorite bands- past and present- in their songs to create a unique vibe of music that really knows no genre.   It’s At-The-Drive-In with the vocals of Rise Against.  There is some On the Might of Princes in here as well as The (International) Noise Conspiracy.  

                It could be indie hardcore.   It could be a trippy version of Devo.   There are punk qualities to it for certain.   And even a little bit of Fairweather comes out.   But the one band I think I can compare this with, even though indirectly, would have to be As Friends Rust, whose presence is definitely missed from my heart.

                Too hard for indie rock, too complex for punk/hardcore, what is a band to do?   Oh yeah, just keep on rockin’ in the free world I suppose.   It’s as good a place as any to start. 

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