Friday, August 1, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: ~/.Asuka “~/.Asuka” (Virtual Disk Systems)

                The first thing I need to note about this cassette is that every time I tried to play it straight out I couldn’t hear it, so this had me finally listening to it strictly through earbuds, but hey, I will never hold that against a release because sometimes you need the earbuds to drown out everything else.   (Full disclosure: I listen to all cassettes at least once through with earbuds and at least once without, unless it is a special case such as this) 

                These songs are sort of synth pop loops and they abruptly cut off just about every time.    Six songs in total, they have that new wave/”Pretty in Pink” vibe down,  though they can also be mixed with something more modern such as the more musical side to The Killers.   (Think of one of their longer numbers without as many vocals and not the radio hits)

                The third song overall, last on Side A, has a striking resemblance to The Beatles “In My Life” and I’m not certain whether that is coincidental or just my hearing it as such, but in any case these are fairly short and to the point songs, but still overall good and something that should be best experienced on cassette because of the era which they represent. 

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