Friday, August 1, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: NOGLEBACK “Krad Choger” (Nog Records)

                In some ways, I like to think of this as being a Greatest Hits collection for Nickelback, if only because this is now my preferred way to listen to Nickelback.    This is harsh noise covering over the background of what are the songs by the original artists are drawn out by the cassette linear notes, but for the most part the pieces of the originals are harder to decipher than you’d expect but that’s not really a bad thing.

                Through the glitches and some messed up talking, you can hear faint hints only of the band that is known as post-grunge or maybe the only band still trying to be grunge who wasn’t around for the original run.   What’s funny is, my history with Nickelback is not well documented but it is there.

                In the late 1990’s/earliest of ‘00’s, I had a friend who knew a guy who was acting as head roadie for a band I won’t mention by name because the name probably wouldn’t mean anything to you anyway.   This band went on tour in the first opening spot before two other bands, one of which was somewhat unknown and is still not that big and the other, who was the headliner, is a household name, though they have since broken up.

                Well, this original band, who was the first opener and all, came back around town after this big arena tour and played a club show opening for… you guessed it, Nickelback.    And this was before Nickelback was even known but rather on that cusp of success I guess you could say.   So I had no idea who they were and neither did my friend.

                So we showed up to this show and the band members were talking to us and we said something about the turn out being good and someone said that we should’ve known who Nickelback was and they were all over the radio or whatever.     And then we were hanging out backstage and Chad Kroger walks by me, and I’m completely unaware of who he is until we watch a few minutes of their set later on, and he’s  mumbling something about how the number one rule is that you don’t poop on the bus.

                Needless to say, I have heard most of the songs that Nickelback has had on the radio for one reason or another, but I will always remember them as that band that I had never heard of one day and then seemingly the next… boom, they’re everywhere.   That and not to poop on the bus.   

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