Friday, August 1, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: E. Coli “Happy Hand Meets One Eyed Burrito” (Nog Records)

                Nogelback is Pory and Ducky together, but E. Coli appears to be the solo project of just Ducky.    There are audio clips in here about serial killers, which obviously draws my attention somewhere between the movie “Natural Born Killers” and that book “Overkill” I remember so much from my youth, which is about the media’s fascination with serial killers.

                What I find kind of funny is that in this day and age now of social media, you don’t have to go out and kill a bunch of people and make the cover of Time magazine to be famous anymore.     Right now, you could do something as simple as stab your boyfriend because he won’t stop playing The Eagles to make the rounds of the news.

                I am somewhat curious as to see whether or not this has decreased the number of serial killers out there, the deranged people who once thought their claim to fame could be a killing spree are perhaps now finding less punishable offenses. 

                Through some 8bit and even electro type of glitch, this cassette also puts the word “fuck” on some awkward loops.    It’s definitely interesting to try and count how many times this cassette does say “fuck”, but I can only assure you that it will not make the one allowed PG-13 rating and this is going straight up R. 

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