Wednesday, August 27, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Franky Flowers "Blue Eyes EP" (Danger Collective Records)

            Franky Flowers is a fuzzy garage sometimes surf sounding band that can bring to mind easy references of Superdrag, Green Day and even Phantom Planet on some of their dreamier numbers.   It’s also that mix of seriousness and fun that I feel makes this cassette that much better than what you can come to think of as typical garage rock.

            On the third song on the first side, which is also the third song overall, there is a bit of fun coming out that reminds me of somewhere between Digger and The Mr. T Experience.  Mainly because I don’t feel as if current bands that can sound like them can live up to their legacy, I am always pleased to hear bits of MTX in bands as good as Franky Flowers.  It’s kind of like the cliché of icing on the cake, as opposed to the entire cake being made out of icing and thus resulting in an upset stomach.

            It’s also worth noting that this is a few months shy of the end of October, yet there is still a song on here about Halloween.   There probably is no real appropriate time to release a song about Halloween because it’s not quite the same as Christmas music, but this cassette and song has now made me wonder why people don’t release compilations or entire albums of music dedicated to Halloween in the month of October.   Who wants to start it?

            There exists a fairly fine line between what is thought of as a serious sort of garage-fuzz band and one that has a sense of humor.  I won’t name any bands by name simply because I tend not to listen to/ignore those who take themselves too seriously, but Franky Flowers has managed to tow the line perfectly in the sense that you can tell this music isn’t just goofing around for them, but also it’s just a whole lot of fun to listen to nonetheless.  

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