Wednesday, August 27, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Cyclopean Bullshit "Things Are Done"

                When this cassette begins, I can hear audio clips and electro beats behind the words being spoken.  I can’t quite make out what’s going on in the audio clips exactly, just “Hello wildcats” and something about cooking nachos in a microwave.    The music accompanying whatever is being spliced up and altered to the artist’s liking is like something off of the soundtrack to “Weird Science” only sped up.

                This audio clip repeats itself on the first side with different music behind it, though when we get to Side B it does resurface again at the end.  It is only this time that the audio clip is played in full, uninterrupted before it is mashed up once again, and I can find out what exactly it is all about.   I’m not joking when I say I merely googled “hello wildcats” and found the proper links for the cooking show that this was taken from, and one of the top links was even for a YouTube video that was precisely from this audio clip.  (See that video here:

                If you think of this as having two tracks per side, and thus tracks 1, 2 and 4 are about cooking nachos in your microwave, then the third installment is actually about being in the military and if not the only source of audio material I do know that pieces of it are from the movie “Full Metal Jacket”.    While I am not entirely aware of the internet phenomenon known as “Weber Cooks”, I can tell you that the idea of having these audio clips spliced with a more modern take on music from their time is quite refreshing.

                I find myself going back to the “Weird Science” comparison and imagine this music accompanying audio clips from that film.   Would it sound like the theme song to the television series that followed the movie?   On some levels, yes, but at the same time it would almost sound like an updated version as well, to bring it into a more modern sense that a retro feel.   It is in that way that I like this most I believe- making something old feel new. 

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