Monday, July 21, 2014

RECORD REVIEW: Jennifer Touch EP (Lunatic Records)

                These three songs from Jennifer Touch are sure to get some heads turning.  There is a definitive synthpop quality to them that borders on 8bit.  It’s something like Oingo Boingo or along the Ghostbusters era.  It is the musical talents of Michael Jackson with soulful female vocals.

                Something modern like Ladytron does also come out a little bit in here as well, so as to keep us in reality and the present, but it does also pull from Madonna’s catalog a bit and that also impresses me.  How often can someone write about Michael Jackson and Madonna in the same review (in a positive way, anyway)

                I’ve never been one to ask why artists have certain songs in a particular order, but the last track on here is definitely a single if I ever heard one.  I’d say it’s the type of song you could hear on the radio if I didn’t think that was an insult because the radio tends to be so blatantly awful.   (Perhaps the radio in Germany is better?)

                Regardless, you need to listen to this.  Forget what I said about heads turning before—this is going to make your whole body move. 

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